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PCA Committees

Youth Committee

Aims to engage our youth in useful activities of their interest that connect them to their roots and encourage them to be value adding citizens in Canada

Ladies Committee

Aims to enhance social ties between our community ladies and to actively contribute in promoting our culture and values

Events Committee

Responsible for developing and managing PCA events and activities (i.e. festivals, monthly gatherings, annual meetings, …etc)

Administration Committee

Public Relations:


Responsible for marketing and representing PCA among our community and in the wider Canadian community


Controls the financial and administration aspects of PCA (i.e. budget, HR, clerical, revenues, expenditure..etc)


Promotes and manages PCA memberships, connect with the existing and potential members to accommodate their needs and expectations 

Internal Audit:

Audit PCA activities and report to the board any none compliance with the “by law” and PCA internal policies

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